Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wish Granted

by D'Arsie Manzella of Mamacita Beadworks
A while back I told you What a Girl Wants over here in Mamacitaville.
Well one seller was so generous she sent me some of her beautiful beads
to experience first hand and I want to share in that generosity with you, our readers!
Here are some earrings I made with the gift, they are some of my favorites as they incorporate a vintage stamping from earrings I found as a teen in my Grandma's jewelry.
I have had these silver stampings in my collection
for over 15 years and now I enjoy them weekly!
Jeanette at ClayHappy on Etsy makes these polymer clay beads which are light, complex and sophisticated. The time she takes to hand polish the beads give them a wonderful luster.
If you'd like to win 4 of these beautiful beads for your fall jewelry designs, just leave a comment below about an act of generosity that just knocked your socks off, a wish
unexpectedly granted or a surprise that enriched your life.
While thinking, head over to Jeanette's shop and choose your favorite bead design to share in your comment. Only comments including a favorite will be considered for the giveaway. Saturday morning I will randomly choose a winner from your comments and post the winner on our Facebook Page:
Love My Art Jewelry
Lets share the lovely moments!
Many heartfelt thanks to Jeanette, making the world a
sweeter place, one bead at a time!


Alice said...

Thanks for the link to Jeanette's etsy shop! She makes some wonderful stuff but I really like the flower beads set #31. I love the bright cheery colors.

I have been blessed with very generous friends and family, so it is difficult to choose just one event. When I expressed my desire to start making jewelry, my twin sister got online and purchased a bunch of beads for me. What a great surprise when they arrived in the mail!

Kristen said...

Oh those are gorgeous and it is so good to be in this beading community. I have been very blessed with sweet gifts and encouragement to keep going on this path and for that I am truly blessed!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love the red tulip. Tulips are my sister's favorite flower and so they make me think of her.

I have been blessed with so much. The best surprise ever was when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. And also my second, as we were on a cruise and I realized on Father's Day that I had good news to tell. My life has never been the same and all for the good for these two lovely people that I helped bring into the world.

But recently the surprise of being invited to the Vintaj comprehensive 2 day workshop in Galena was quite the gift. I learned so much and they are just marvelous people.

Thank you for sharing your generosity with the world, Mamacita!

Enjoy the day!

Penny said...

The earrings you created are gorgeous, the silver scalloped fans are divine.

I feel like everywhere I look there are opportunities for generosity and kindness. I try to be a pay it forward kind of person and just recently I had a great experience. My youngest daughter and I were at Wal-Mart getting salt for our water softener, those bags are heavy. Anyways I had a small cart because I hadn't expected to get the salt but it was on sale, so as I was walking out to my vehicle, two of the bags fell out of the cart in the middle of the driving lane. I had a very nice gentleman that picked up the bag that fell on the ground he followed me to my car and proceeded to put all four bags in my vehicle. I never met this man before and I don't know if I would remember him if I saw him again but I thought what kindness.

My favorite beads would have to be the lemon ice, anything yellow I love. Yellow reminds me of cheerfulness and being kind.


Christine said...

You have created beautiful earrings!
The site is full of beauties. After much drooling, my favorites are the black and white lentil beads.

A very special moment for me came when my 20 month old grand son burst out singing "Jesus Loves Me".

mairedodd said...

the earrings are beautiful... that really was kind of jeanette... and they look like they were made for your grandmother's pieces...

D'Arsie Manzella said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your uplifting stories!

D'Arsie Manzella said...
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