Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I really do Love my Art Jewelry

by Staci L. Smith

I have always loved art jewelry, which is why, I decided long ago, it was a road I would travel.  My first and most true love in art jewelry, was and still is, silver and gemtones, and don't forget the chunk and texture.....lots of texture please!

Here are some fabulous metal artists from etsy, whose designs make me say, "OOoooooo"!  They inspire me to work harder and create from the heart.

Please click on the pictures to go to the listing and see more of their amazing work!

Ring by MariaGotiJoyas

Pendant by Midwest Alchemy

Necklace by Filomena's House

Ring by Emilie Bliguet

Necklace by E5Jewel

Pendant by 6 Shadows Jewelry

Bracelet by Temi
(this one I want soooooo bad!  It is my style in every way!!!  Look at those colors and textures!!!)

That last one really gets me.  The only thing I love more then silver and gemstones are druzies and a collage of textures and shapes that come together to create one wonderful piece of jewelry.  *sigh*  bar raised.  I better go practice my skills some more.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into some of my favorite Art Jewelry (cause you know I love it)!

Art Jewelry is just that, its art.  It's something created from deep inside.  It is a part of the creator (or creators if beads and components from many artists were used).  It speaks of something.  A story.  A tale.  It may be obvious, it may be a secret.  But Art Speaks, and just because its jewelry, doesn't mean that it can't have a voice too. 

What did the last piece you created say?


Kristi Bowman said...

I love your choices, all rustic and earthy with lots of rough uneven textures. I'm going to check each one out! Thank you for sharing.

Alice said...

All I could say as I scrolled down is, wow, wow, wow.

Thanks for sharing these amazing pieces with us!

MaCarroll Beads said...

Well said.... Love these pieces. I will have to check out those shops. Looks like there will be more beauty when I get to each one.

mairedodd said...

loaded question - my work (for me/to me) speaks almost faster than i can keep up sometimes... right now i am working on pieces that explore our shadow side... but ones inspired from nature can be reflective of the cycle of life, mindfulness...
you picked some great ones - and you are so very right... when you see gorgeous work like this it makes you want to work harder and learn more...

Jane Perala said...

Wow - those are all incredible pieces - but that last bracelet O.M.G. - it is fantastic! Sure wish I could do work like that.

Jessica @ said...

Fantastic pieces. I can't pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing :)

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