Sunday, August 28, 2011

Double the Fun.... Double the Giveaway.....

by MaryAnn Carroll

Double the winners....  This time you have TWO chances to win..... Yes, TWO!!!

We have these lovely earrings created by our own Mary Jane Dodd.

This is what Maire says about these copper beauties....

small simple om earrings - measuring 1" or 25mm

I love them!!!

 And.... I just LOVE these, too!  Look at all of the handmade with handmade!!!

Jean, whose Etsy shop is jeanawells, created these and donated them to Love My Art Jewelry
for our bi-weekly giveaway.  Thanks Jean!

Ohhhhh....and there is the question....  hmmmmmm.....

The question:

What handmade materials are your favorite when it comes to buying components for jewelry or creating your own?  Why?  If you do not create jewelry, what are your favorite styles of handmade jewelry?  (example: combination of silver with lampwork)

Here's how this will work:

Everyone has up to three chances to enter.

For those of you who have other social network sites:

1. One chance to win by leaving an answer to the question.

2.  Post it your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. and come back letting us know (each time) that you did.  Please leave the link to that post.  Please pick no more than two addtional social networks to post on.

For those of you who don't have a social network site:

1.  One chance to win by leaving an answer to the question.

2.  Visit our website and sign our guestbook letting us know that you are doing so because of this double earrings giveaway and come back to our blog and tell us that you did that.

3.  If you have not already, join one of our members blogs (they can be found at our website by clicking on the members name) and come back to let us know that you did.  If you follow all of our members blogs, then leave a comment on one of any member's most recent blog post related to their post and come back and tell us about it.

I hope I'm not writing too much and making it confusing.  Ultimately, whether you are a social networker or you are not, you have up to 3 chance to enter to be one of two winners for the earrings pictured.

~Thanks so much for reading~



Alice said...

Beautiful---both of them!

I love to use lampwork beads in my jewelry, and in fact have hundreds of them in my stash. Even so, I'keep buying more.

Alice said...

I added this giveaway to the sidebar of the blog:

Carol said...

I love etched copper. It draws me in every time.

Alice Howe said...

I signed the guestbook and now I'm back. I love to look for unique metal beads. I use a variety of metals and shape and texture are what always gets me.

Erin S said...

I gravitate towards handmade pendants/focals rather than beads. They can be any medium--metal, polymer, ceramic or glass. I love them all!
Erin S

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Beautiful, both of them. I love Mary's earrings I have a pair that I wear all the time.
I love porcelain and lampwork. I know how much work goes into them so I cherish them.

TesoriTrovati said...

Any sort of art bead draws me right in. I have drawers filled with polymer clay, ceramic, pewter, glass, you name it! I also love pearls and gemstones and mixtures of metals. I am not a materials snob and will gladly make or wear jewerly with combinations of copper, steel, brass, and all sorts of platings. If it works with the jewelry design I am all for it! Thanks for asking the questions!
Enjoy the day!

KayzKreationz said...

I love copper and lampworked beads. I've recently been learning how to make my own findings out of copper, too, so I can use them in my jewelry.

KayzKreationz said...

Just posted your giveaway to my twitter followers.

KayzKreationz said...

Just posted to my facebook wall.

baglady said...

I love the beautiful earrings. When I am making jewelry, I love to use silver wire and semi-precious gems but I also love the unique handmade lampwork beads.

baglady said...

I just signed your guestbook :)

baglady said...

and I am already a follower of several member blogs and just added Izzy's blog to my list. I recently won a pair of her gorgeous copper earrings and wear them every day.

Sharon said...

Copper is my first love in creating focals, with sterling a close second. Love both pairs of earrings!

Cilla said...

I like antique brass,copper and silver,lampwork beads,clay beads,vintage beads,czech glass,
Thanks for a great giveaway!!

Beadroe said...

I love to make my own glass beads and findings from copper and silver.

ciaolucia said...

Beautiful earrings!

Of course I love copper and enamel work. It allows me the freedom to choose what I want the piece to be and adds surprise and uniqueness to the as each piece is just slightly different in the way the colors come out of the kiln.

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