Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Spark Designer of the Week

I am absolutely thrilled by all of the entries we've had for "HAPPY"!!!!!

This week it was an especially tough decision. There are SO many wonderful entries, and they ALL made me happy.

However, I can only pick one, so it has to be...........................................


by peachtreeks
Autumn Joy
Here is what the artist had to say about her piece:

"While so many things make me happy (family, friends, church, art, beading and more), today I'm thinking about my favorite season: Autumn. After over a month of triple digit temperatures, the thought of Autumn with its cool morning temperatures, warm days, and vivid colors makes me so happy.
This necklace is made with lampwork beads from Lyndas Bead Dreams on ETSY, a ceramic leaf focal from Marlas Mud on ETSY, and my very first handmade chain from Stephanie Lee's Homesteader's Metalsmithing e-course."

Thanks Alice for this great entry!! Please post a comment listing where your fans can find you; blog, website or ETSY.

Keep the great entries coming folks!! Show us what makes you happy!!!!!!


MaCarroll Beads said...

It's beautiful! I absolutely LOVE that chain!!!

SummersStudio said...

Love how the beads put just enough colour into this very autumn necklace. Nice work!

Alice said...


I'm thrilled that you chose my piece as the Art Spark Design of the week! Like you said, there are so many wonderful pieces to choose from, so thanks for choosing mine.

That chain took quite a while to make. First I had to overcome my fear of the torch, and then there was a learning curve for new techniques that were very unfamiliar to me.

I share a blog with two other ladies--one that we hope inspires women of all stages in their bliss. ( But in my quest to grow my business, I'm hoping to have my own blog up and running soon--(crosses fingers). My website is

Thanks again! What a wonderful way to begin the week!

Izzy said...

Alice, you did a great job. Way to overcome your fear of the torch. Not so scary now, huh? =)

mairedodd said...

congratulations alice! nice work on the homemade chain... and i too am so very much looking forward to autumn...

CharmN Jewelry said...

Simplicity is nice at times...that is what came yo my mind when I saw the lone leaf hanging from the chain.the colors added are also awesome.Initial Charms

Patty said...

Beautiful, Alice! You've got me thinking about fall now. :-)

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