Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a Girl Wants

by D'Arsie Manzella

Sea Urchin -Pretty Pastel Feathered Crescent - a handmade porcelain pendant.

~light and airy, feminine and soft, this pendant whispers sweetness~

OhSoFabu- Pastel Batik Covered Necklace Cords

~I want to make bracelets with these!!~

ArtrageousClay- "Gone Fishing" Ceramic Focal Pendant

~I love the whimsical look and loose styling in this work~

Unkamen Supplies- Handmade Oxidized Copper Hook Clasps

~the perfect ending to a beautiful creation~

Veronica Buttons - Marcy in Rose is a handmade ceramic button.

~a side flourish on a statement necklace comes to mind~

The Glass Turtle - Mini Flower and Circle silver spacers

~for my Pandora bracelet or dangled from some earrings~

Moosup Valley Designs original scrimshaw pendant on vintage ivory-

"Love Has Wings"

~the most exquisite focal, I see it strung

on a chain of petite, hand knotted freshwater pearls~


What do you envision for all these beauties?


stacilouise said...

I love love love a nice list of favorites. The etsy circle may be the end of free time as I know it;-)

Those batik cords are cool, and I too love that fish. It has a great antique glazed feel to it.
Thanks for sharing!
I am going to check out those cords (I absolutley love batik)

Alice said...

Oh goodness you really found some lovely pieces here! I'm salivating over them.

Lizard Breath Beads said...

So beautiful D'Arsie!

Marie Cramp said...

Where does one begin when faced with such beauty!!
The first piece would be the focal in a pearl encrusted necklace with silk cord.
The necklace cord, I think I can some some mixed in multi strand bracelets!
The fish would need some Labradorite and maybe mother of pearl, once again in a necklace.
The oxidized hooks would go in one of my multi media bracelets.
The Ceramic button I see on a nice silk Toile bag as the clasp! Someone would have to make that for me since I can't sew! lol
The spacers would look amazing as dangles on a charm bracelet or as dangles on a necklace...
Last but not least the bird Pendant needs to have small delicate strands interwoven together, perhaps fibers, miniature pearls and shimmery seed beads.

This was fun! Thanks for the creative challenge!

MaCarroll Beads said...

WOW, Marie! What a great visual for each piece! I'm impressed ;o)

D'Arsie Manzella said...

I'm so glad you were so inspired Marie! Thank you for sharing your visions with us~

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