Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Real Deal....

by MaryAnn Carroll

Pet Peeve # 3.623

Etsy, which I love by the way, is continually making changes, upgrades, etc. to make their site easier to navigate around and certainly, easier to list on.  One thing that the folks at Etsy have little control over is the "tags" that people use to promote their own shops.  My complaint is this.....  If it IS NOT a handmade supply then don't use the tag.  Etsy allows commercial supply sales, which is not my complaint, but the sellers should list them as commercial to help out those of us who create handmade supplies.  People that are new to handmade beads don't always know the difference at first and listing commercial beads amongst those who create their own beads does not help those of us who are creating one bead at a time.  With that said, here are some handmade ceramic beads from some of the members of beads-of-clay.


Winchell Clayworks


MaryHarding Jewelry
Marsha Neal Studio

Lisa Peters Art

Joan Miller Porcelain

Golem Studio


Chinook Designs

Artisan Clay
Marsha Hedrick
Artisan Beads Plus
If you are interested in more work by the ceramic bead artists listed above, the links are listed in the same order as the pictures.

And to see more ceramic bead artists and/or learn more about creating ceramic beads, check out:

If you know of any handmade bead artists (ceramic, lampwork, metal, other) that you would recommend, please share.

thank-you for supporting artists by

~creating handmade with handmade~


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's difficult to police, but I'm in full agreement. Commercial supplies should be in a completely different category.

Yolanda M. said...

Totally agree too on the handmade tagging. It's a mess overall in all categories I think.

Thank you for the inclusion of my store Yolanda's Clay, and all of the Beads of Clay artists. A fun group that continuously creates new pieces that inspire.

Vlad, said...

Thank you for including our store in the article, we totally agree with your point of view.


Lisa Peters Russ said...

thank you for bringing this to my attention. I really didn't know that commercial sellers were marking items handmade..I am sorry to see this. It makes me feel the same way when I am placed next to a strand importer at a show and being questioned as to why my items cannot be offered in the same manner...not that there is anything wrong with strands., it's just that people should know the difference between commercial production and OOAK/Handmade. I think alot of people who are actively designing jewelry on a daily/weekly basis do know..and it is the people that are still learning that need to be made aware that sometimes the tags are not as they should be. Thank you for helping us educate and for mentioning me along with these other wonderful bead makers!

mairedodd said...

you are right of course, mary ann... etsy is so large, it would be hard for them to check each one - of course, one can report sellers for different reasons... just saying...
other ceramic artists - our own leann weih, melanie brooks of earthenwood studio, nancy schindler of round rabbit extra...

mairedodd said...

and nan emmett at spirited earth! how could i forget her?!

Gaea said...

Good point! I love all of etsy new improvements and it would be great if there was a bit more division between the artisan made and commercial. Thanks for pointing is out!

Patty said...

It's sad, but there are some sellers abusing Etsy's rules. Locate your "Report this item to Etsy" button and use it when you see such nonsense.

Lovely, lovely beads.

maryharding said...

Great post MaryAnn. I was not aware of this issue either. I do tag often with the word handmade but I didn't know that it didn't matter. Thank you so much for including me in your post with such a great photo.

VanBeads said...

Sadly, this has been an issue on Etsy for quite a while. I've found many items in my searches on Etsy that aren't even CLOSE to handmade, yet tagged and listed as such.

However, I do have my favorites on Etsy, which include many of the mentioned sellers in this post! Let's hear it for handmade!

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