Friday, June 24, 2011

... on the studio table.................

by Kelli Pope

With time between shows, I get to partake in one of my FAVORITE indulgences..................... shopping for handmade beads and components!!! AND making some really fun things. That WONDERFUL guy, the mailman, has been delivering all kinds of goodies this week. Here are a few of the new things on my work table I just can't WAIT to turn into "wearable art".

This HUGE lampwork bead I've had a couple months, knowing as soon as I saw it, it would be the focal in a necklace for my sister's birthday. I bought it at a bead show, where it and it's siblings were likely the only handmade items being sold. Not sure of the artist, but I KNEW I had to have it, and that MissFickleMedia would provide me with some beautiful patinated yellow chain to pair with it. This large-link chain arrived this week, and I just can't wait to see what other components turn this into something special for my big Sis.

Also delivered this week was an order from Gaea. Just LOVE her ceramic beads!!

Ready to pair with the ceramic beads are some of my own cut, hammered and antiqued copper components.

I think my copper and Gaea's beads will go BEAUTIFULLY with some of these GORGEOUS pendants from my buddy Susan Burge.

Now I just need to find some "play" time, so I can turn these handmade treasures into handmade jewelry. .........maybe if I stop sleeping, I'll have the time to do that and make some more of my own ceramic beads..........hmmmm...........

What wonderful projects/components/beads are on your "play" list ??


somethingunique said...

Hi Kelli, i have some wonderful components to play with, many from Gaea, & Mary Harding and many in limbo somewhere due to a postal strike. I do have to get moving i have a festival in three weeks. I like the challenge from the "art bead scene" fill a 12 muffin tin with a project in each muffin hole, i bought a new muffin tin yesterday and plan on filling as soon as i have finished my morning hop! What a great idea Eh! to get motivated!
ttfn Lana <^.^>

somethingunique said...

Hi again, here is the link
i guess by popular demand Heather has decreased the number of creations down to 6 to be finished by i think it ios the 27th of June by midnight but go check to be sure!
Lana :)

JJoy said...

Beautiful...what are all the squiggly vintage-look things...I'm not seeing the description. Thanks!!

Kelli said...

Thanks Lana! That's a great idea!!! I may have to try that!!
JJoy, the squiggly things are my own hand hammered components.

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