Friday, June 10, 2011

Childhood memory........

by Kelli Pope

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm LOVING the monthly Art Spark!!! It gets my head spinning with ideas! I just love it. While I did not come up with an accomplishment from my childhood I was proud of, it did get me thinking about special times when I was a child. Every Sunday after church, Mom, Daddy me and my 2 older sisters went to my grandmother and grandfather's house for lunch. My aunt and uncle always joined us, and WHAT a spread my grandmother put out. (..........oh and let me correct myself. It wasn't "lunch". It was "supper".

If you're from the country, or have family from the country as I do, you'll understand the difference. Lunch is a sandwich. "Supper" is a full blown meal! ) There was always lots of joking around, teasing, laughing, and sitting around and relaxing. My dad always had to take a spoon to Mamaw's chocolate pie while it was still hot, BEFORE supper, and got swatted. I always got to help my aunt make the mashed potatoes. ........sigh............. Those were innocent, special days and I truly miss my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. It was just those four on my Dad's side, and they are sorely missed. I am truly blessed to have had such wonderful people in my life.

Occasionally, we would go to my mom's parents, who lived out in the country. I remember this HUGE tree in the front yard that my cousins and I always tried to climb. ........ Tree... Family................ hmmmm... what do you know.. it's an ART SPARK!!!!!! It may not quite fit the monthly challenge -my proudest accomplishment, but I can think of nothing I'm more proud of than my wonderful family.

Wire formed tree with silver HipChick bird and leaf. The cross at the bottom is for my roots. :)

How is your "Art Spark" coming along?????


MaCarroll Beads said...


That is SOOOO cool! I love it! I could picture your experience in my mind while I read your story. And as for the theme.... It's free to interpret any way that you want to... That is what I'm hoping is making our ArtSpark challenges fun. For those of you who will be submitting, please remember to share a story, poem, etc. about what went into creating your piece... We will pick a designer or two every Monday and our first Monday is only 3 days away :O) If chosen, your piece will be displayed on our website for the week with links to your shop and/or blog. So.... please get those creative juices flowing and take a trip back in time :O) For more information, just click the ArtSpark challenge link on the top left of this blog.


Marie Cramp said...

What a wonderful experience you had as a child! I love the tree, it's earthy and full of texture!! Two of my favorite things :)

Patty said...

What a wonderful way to honor that memory, Kelli! Reminds me of a few times that my own family had the same kind of meal with our Wisconsin relatives on their farm. Just makes you feel warm all over.

D'Arsie Manzella said...

Kelli, this is awesome! It makes me think of the memories that are being created for my kids right now and how happy we are that we have moved back home to be with family in abundance. Beautiful~

Alice said...

Sundays for me as a child were for visiting family, eating huge meals, and drives in the country. Oh, and to this day dad grumbles about the difference between lunch,(there was not such thing), dinner and supper.

We have continued this tradition to this day, and I hope my children do the same when they are on their own.

I love your wire formed tree!!!. My spark is rather dull at the time, with so many things on my plate.

Enjoy your weekend!

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