Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spice Up Your Sunday...

by MaryAnn Carroll

And add an extra sprinkle of spice by reading to the end of our designer interview to learn if you are the winner of the earrings giveaway.....

Now on to getting to know Izzy Winterhart...

I have to say, the little bit that I have gotten to know Izzy, I feel like I've known her for a long time.  Some people just have those open and honest personalities that comes shining through even in brief online conversations.  Izzy is one of those people.  I think you will also find that personality shining through in her jewelry creations and in her blog writing.   You can view her Etsy shop which I am sure you will be curious to see.... well as her blog where she shares her personal side.....

 So Izzy, How did you first get interested in creating jewelry?

I’m a bit of a rock-hounder and I noticed each time I attended a gem and mineral show more and more gemstone bead vendors where there.  I found myself mesmerized by this vast sea of beads.  So I purchased a few strings and started creating jewelry.  The past few years, however, my fascination has turned from beads to copper.  Now I find myself swimming in a sea of metal, hammers, blow torches and sheer happiness.

How long have you been selling and how did you first decide to sell (online, shows, etc.)?

I’ve been selling on Etsy for about four years combining my first shop and current shop.  Etsy seemed to be the most suggested online selling venue for crafters, so I gave it a try.  I’m hoping to take my show on the road at some point and participate in local craft fairs.

Have you set any goals for your future in terms of creating and selling?

I will continue to establish myself as a “jewelry artist”, growing and learning along the way.  I will also continue to try new techniques while keeping the uniqueness of my style.  I’d like to one day see something of mine in a gallery, peeking out and calling in those who wander the streets window shopping.

How did you first get interested in working with metals?

To be honest, I’m not sure how that happened.  It seems copper found me, not the other way around.  Copper exudes warmth and who can resist something that comes straight from the earth.  It is easy to work with, has a sweet energy and looks amazing.

How do you come up with your designs?  (for example:  Do you sketch them out on paper or do you start out and just freestyle?)

I tried the sketching thing in the beginning but the more I forced a piece to look like its paper counterpart, the more I completely messed it up.  So I quit.  I now just sit at my bench, music jamming in the background, pull out some copper, add a dash of filigree and a sprinkle of bead sparkle.  I just let it happen.

What have you enjoyed the most about selling online?

For me, selling online is the greatest way to reach out across the world and meet people.  I love the idea that one of my little creations might cross the sea to some far off destination.  And that it will be greeted, loved and worn by someone who may, in fact, speak a different language.  My jewelry has seen more of the world than I have…

Lastly, Izzy, When you are not making this gorgeous jewelry,
what else are you up to?

When I’m not working with copper I’m knee deep in home improvement.  I love fixing up our home, even though my husband thinks I suffer from projectaholicism.  I seriously can’t have too many items on my “to do” list.

Thank-you Izzy for such a great interview.... and for my your understanding regarding my accidentaly pre-posting blunder that I didn't realize shows up in google reader.... even when I think I'm quick to remove it!  I've learned something new......  Be vvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyy careful which button you push ;o)  Careful is a word that I have had to personally practice throughout my life..... I'll get it right one day :O)

To learn more about Izzy..... just click any of the links below.

And..... as promised, the winner of the earrings giveaway is.....


Congratulations Tracy Suzanne!  Our next giveaway will be Sunday, June 5th.

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mairedodd said...

wonderful interview! there is something special about izzy's work that i just love - architectural and natural, innovative designs, beautiful finishes on her metals... best of luck - you definitely belong in better shows... and you will get to experience that feedback (odd at times) that only a show can offer!

Sally Anderson said...

Great interview and amazing artist! This is my introduction to Izzy and I love every single piece you showcased here. They're wonderful! Thank you.

lu said...

i, too, have a certain natural attraction to Izzy's work that i can't explain... it's beautiful, amazing, awesome...all those and more...just LOVE it!

Patty said...

Welcome, Izzy! Your jewelry is clearly inspired, and it's also clear that you get a lot of pleasure from that metal. Glad to have you in the group!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi MaryAnn, love the interview with Izzy. I love her style. I'm so excited that I won the earrings! I just sent you an email.

Thanks again. Hugs...Tracy :)

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