Friday, April 8, 2011

What a week!!

by Kelli Pope

Last week I warned my husband Steve, ahead of time, that I needed to concentrate on making jewelry Friday, Saturday and Sunday to prepare for my show this week. Friday morning, I woke up to a little angel laying next to me, staring me in the face with a sheepish grin on her face!!! Steve just couldn't resist. He went and picked up our adorable granddaughter, Makenna before I got up. So..... guess you know how I spent Friday!! :)

Here, my little Makaroni has decided Chopper would make a wonderful, fluffy seat!

We had a GREAT day, but no jewelry was made... oh darn.... :)

Saturday - All jewelry making, all day...(with a few interruptions, since I HAD to watch the Kentucky Wildcats in the final 4 tournament!!!)

Sunday - Church, jewelry, jewelry, component making, jewelry and more jewelry.

Monday - worked at the office for 11 hours, then home to crank out a couple more pieces before crashing.

Tuesday - Up and at'em early to hammer out those last few components to have on hand at the show. Packed up the jewelry, loaded up the truck and hit the road at 1:00pm. One and 1/2 hour drive later, I'm in Lexington, Ky (home of UK and the BIG BLUE wildcats!! So sorry they lost the tournament :( !! From 5pm - 8pm I was set up and ready for the lovely ladies from the Garden Club of Kentucky.

Wednesday - 8am - 7pm show time again.

Thursday - 8-10:30am final show hours. After that it was packing, loading, lunch with my Sis and heading back toward home. I stopped at the office and worked 3 hours, then arrived home around 7pm to a WONDERFUL steak dinner prepared by my handsome, darlin' Steve. What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!

As I sit her preparing this blog post for you for tomorrow, I'm again reminded of how very, very, very blessed I am to have a wonderful job, a great hobby/creative outlet/2nd job!!, and such a wonderful supportive husband. Thanks too to my wonderful, beautiful sister/Master gardener, who got me into this show and helps me with so many others. We shared a room this week, and just about laughed ourselves sick before we fell asleep each night.

As you read this, it's Friday again, and I'm back at the office ........ WHAT a week!!!

ONE of my bins of displays, packed and ready for the road.

My Explorer loaded and ready to go.

Those of you who do shows likely know, packing becomes an art in itself!!

(and this is without my tent, chairs and other 3 tables!!!!!)

And the funny thing is........... all of the actual jewelry fits into these 2 little cases!! :)


Necklaces all neatly wrapped and nested in this one.

Earrings and bracelets in this one..... This is the box AFTER the show :) YAY!!

Thanks SO much Garden Club of Kentucky ladies!!!!!!!!! (What a fun bunch of gals!!!)

So? How was your week? Hope it was as fully blessed and creative as mine!!!


Alice said...

Whew, what a busy week for you! Lucky you to have such a supportive husband. Funny how the displays take up so much space in the vehicle, and the product that brings in the cash takes up very little.

This week my husband has been so helpful as I spend every day at the hospital (one hour away) with my mom. He has kept the house somewhat de-cluttered, the laundry is done, and food on the table--most likely take-out, but still food. No complaints from him, even when there is no end in sight as to when mom will come home. It's so nice to know hubby has my back on the home front.

somethingunique said...

Hi Kelli, i need a nap after reading about your week lol :p, your grandbaby is just a cutie patutie sweet how the dog just lets her sit. i too am getting redi for my festival season here in Ontario all of our small communities have there own little festival so there is usually one or two a month right up until Oct. i don't do all of them the bigger ones the entry fees are outragious but the ones i do really keep me busy i really like that orgaizer box you have your necklaces & earring in i'm going to have to go look for one of those well try to take it easy this week to recoup from your busy week ttfn L:)

VanBeads said...

I love the way you packed the car! We have a smaller Toyota Matrix, and when I need to bring my tent, tables, and displays, it certainly gets to be a bit tight in there. It's a good thing that jewelry is pretty easy to pack and doesn't take up much space!

stacilouise said...

I have packing my old chevy blazer down to a science. I have a tent, 4 tables, 4 sets of folding shelves, 2 crates, 2 totes of jewelry and displays, plus a cooler...check out stuff and personals. Oh yeah, don't forget the chairs (which I actually did once)! Its so funny how little space the jewelry actually takes up.

D'Arsie Manzella said...

What a great exciting week. Your granddaughter is adorable~ how could you resist. Congratulations on a great show!

Kelli said...

Alice, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I know how thankful you must be for the supportive husband.
- SomethingUnique - I picked that box up at .. Target I think. But then saw them at Hobby Lobby, and added and extra layer. Not sure if either of those are in your area, but if so, that might be a good start for you.
- StaciLouise - I know what you mean!!! And of COURSE, you always forget the thing you need when you're farthest from home. A loca show, and I could just call Steve to run it to me.. But NO! I forget all my business cards and my pillow when I'm staying in a dorm room 2 hours away!! HA! (Now I check and double check my list, and even put underwear on it! LOL!)

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