Friday, April 22, 2011

Silver swirls for Spring

by Kelli Pope

As I prepare for my next Spring show, I find myself using more and more silver. While rustic and earthy are my signature favorites, silver just sings "Spring". And of course, for me, it has to twist and swirl...................

Hammered sterling silver, raku beads, recycled glass and leaf dangle by Hip Chick Beads.

Hammered sterling silver, ceramic beads by me and Mary Ann Carroll.

Hammered sterling silver, leather, ceramic beads by Mary Ann Carroll and pendant by Summers Studio

Hammered sterling silver, turquoise, bone and a beach stone with ceramic beads by Mary Ann, acorn pendant by Mamacita.

Hammered sterling silver, hammered antiqued brass, ceramic beads and pendant by me.

Raku beads, hammered sterling silver, glass focal bead by Mary Noelker.

Happy Easter everyone!!! May you have a blessed weekend!


SummersStudio said...

I love silver anytime of year. Despite the horribly high cost of silver right now, I find myself wanting to work with it more and more. Beautiful pieces, Kelli, and the silver is great with the blues.

Patty said...

Love the way you work with color, Kelli. Beautiful pieces.

VanBeads said...

Happy Easter to you, too, Kelli! What a gorgeous set of pieces. I love the way you mix wire and ceramic. Great lines in those wire pieces, too!

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