Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On my to do list...

are a million things, and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm not even going to mention the To Do's associated with the Feathered Ones, who will be moving out of the house and into their own place in another day or so. I'll share my list with you if you'll share yours with me. Maybe then they won't feel so ominous?

Here's mine, in no particular order, reflecting the state of my poor brain right now.

1. Finish something, anything with seed beads!
2. Get back on the torch and complete my custom orders.
3. Finish taxes.
4. Figure out an inventory system that is more tax friendly (* I think I have an idea, to be shared soon).
5. Fix my friend's broken earring without melting it to pieces.
6. Finish a meanie ring for another friend's Christmas present (yeah, this is pretty bad, huh?).
7. Finish my Riverbed cuff from Kate's book (need to wire wrap lots of components).
8. Plant my potato tower.
9. Address the green moss invading the surfaces in our outdoor living areas, and the wood that has succumbed to dry rot.
10. Finalize summer travel plans.
11. Get cucumber and bean seeds in the ground.
12. Rework several pieces I'm not happy with.
13. Get more work photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.
14. Make ear wires.
15. More torch time to complete several experiments I have in mind.
16. Finalize show plans for later this year.
17. Think of something wonderful to do for my grandmother's 100th birthday celebration this summer.
18. Make more clasps (PMC).
19. My next tutorial.
20. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or twelve things, but you get the picture.

So, what's keeping you awake at night?


Jenni said...

That is a seriously significant list! I'm afraid yours is definately better, better? I mean worse! than mine. LOL Good luck getting through all that, Patty.

VanBeads said...

Oh, Patty. That list looks an awful lot like my own. I guess it's just part of working for yourself. I don't think people realize how much goes into being an artist - it's not just sitting around all day, drinking wine and coming up with brilliant ideas. There's a lot of other "stuff" that goes into it! Good luck with that to-do list!

Patty said...

Oh Jennifer, you just reminded me about the website work I've been putting off for...years? Good luck with your list too!

stacilouise said...

Lets see, I have two deadlines for magazine submissions due friday. Make more bronze beads to use in those tutorials, copper earrings, bracelets and new long necklaces for upcoming shows, drill sea glass, make sea glass jewelry, decide whether or not to apply for sea glass festival, solder components for jewelry, cut out more copper hearts...patina them........blog, and take care of three little ones full time...(meaning mountains of wash, baths, meals, games, buying food....)
I don't think I am ever done my list. I have just learned to prioritize, and let some things wait. So I feel your pain!!!!!!!!

Patty said...

Staci, thanks for the reminder about prioritizing. You must be tired at the end of the day! I can't imagine doing all of that and raising little ones at the same time (mine is in college). You obviously have also mastered the skill of multitasking, and deserve a lot of credit for that!

Kelli said...

HA!!! SO glad it's not just me!! I SO can feel your pain! I did finally get my taxes completed Monday night. Our computer crashed and my husband had worked and worked and worked on it... turns out it was a monitor problem.(thank goodness!) Now I just have to get to the 6 special orders I have, the 3 repair/rework items I've agreed to try to work on for friends, make a LOT more inventory for the next show coming up April 30, ........and that's just the jewelry related work. I can't even think about the housework, yardwork, lists. My "real" job has been a bear lately, leaving no time after work Mon-Thurs...... ugh!!! Yep, Patti, the only wine drinking goes on when I get to sit down for a few minutes and read our blog!! Good luck with your list!!!

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