Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG!!!! (well, almost!)

by Kelli Pope
.................and so have my fingers!!! :0) With my Spring shows just around the corner, and coming on fast, I've been working furiously this week to get ready for them. Of course, as is usually the case, some of the shops where I'm on consignment, are also in need of pieces. So, my winter break is over, and it's on, on, on until ......... well, next January!! Better find some good finger exercises, huh?

Hammered sterling silver, with my own ceramic beads & pendant

Hammered copper with my turquoise ceramic beads & pendant

Hammered copper with my sage ceramic beads & pendant

Hammered antiqued brass with my ceramic beads and crawl glazed beads by Mary Ann Carroll
(a great pairing!! wish you could see the beautiful sage green highlights on these beads)

Hammered sterling silver with my light blue beads and butterfly pendant

Hammered antiqued copper with my turquoise on red stoneware.
Earrings on top left feature patinated copper from MissFickleMedia that go great with my beads!!

Hammered sterling silver with beads by Mary Ann Carroll, paired with beads by Gaea

And back to the studio I go...........

What are you excited about making this week??


Christine said...

Your necklaces & earrings are so unique & beautiful!! I;m sure they'll be a hit at your Spring shows!!

mairedodd said...

fabulous! i am excited to get going on a slightly larger project - just need some uninterrupted time to get everything ready!

D'Arsie Manzella said...

Gorgeous and inspiring! I stayed up late last night coaxing a pair of earrings to Stop Wiggling Around so I could finish them. Sometimes jewelry making is a lot like fishing. You've got to get that tiny piece of metal to do what you want without jamming it in your finger or losing your fish.
I'm excited to get all my new work listed and maybe sculpt some in the in-betweens. You are a powerhouse of production lady!!

VanBeads said...

Beautiful work as always, Kelli! I just got my registration packet for the farmers' markets where I sell my work all summer and into the fall - it's amazing, it'll be here before I know it! That means that the next couple of months, I'll be busy stitching up beaded ropes for the dozens and dozens of cabochon pendants that I've been working on all winter. Hooray for spring!

Patty said...

Looks like you're on a roll, Kelli! They're all beautiful. My sights shifted this week when I turned from making beaded creations to making a new home for some baby chickens (our first time). But I've got seed beads all over the house and am excited about a couple of beaded bracelets I'm making using Ndebele/herringbone stitch and square stitch. Such a different world than lampwork!

Barbara Lewis said...

These are beautiful, Kelli! Besides having the satisfaction of making all of your own components and beads for your jewelry, look at the money you've saved in buying materials!

Rebecca said...

Your jewellery is so gorgeous! I especially like the second from the top - totally my colours. Very inspiring Kelli.

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