Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Call to Create

I went on a search for an image that would produce a Spring palette ... something fun for us to be inspired by. I love the costumes of Alice in Wonderland and apparently so did Oscar.  But the color generator gave such subtle colors I wondered if it was looking at the same thing I was!  So, I thought, "CUPCAKES!"

When I saw these I couldn't resist poking some fun at Patty's "meanies" ... you know ... her trademark lampwork beads.  What do you think ... don't these remind you of Patty and her beads?  Aren't these the greatest?

Meanie Cupcakes

Colors for Meanie Cupcakes

I am so psyched for these colors!  I know you will be too. :-)  Remember, we're promoting the concept of  creating handmade with handmade.   Post the work to our flickr page ... look for it in the sidebar.  If you don't have a flickr account, it is very easy to sign up using your email address.  Please upload pictures of pieces that were created specifically for this challenge.

And, lest we forget the prizes!  Great ones by none other than Patty Lakinsmith and Gerry Lee Cruthird of Clay Designs by Glee.  In addition to those prizes, we will choose a weekly winner whose piece will be displayed on our blog. And lastly, the monthly winner will also receive one year of "advertising" on our website.
Click here to see our February's winner page.
Patty Lakinsmith

Gerry Lee Cuthrid

What's even more amazing is that I see our CTC colors in these wonderful pieces donated by Patty and Gerry.  These will go to some lucky winner.


Alice said...

What a fun source of inspiration!!! Yes they do remind me of Patty's Meanie beads. I can't wait to get started.

mairedodd said...

really fun - i am a meanie addict - a personal desire is to own a ring...

VanBeads said...

Oh, boy! Cupcakes are probably my favorite thing, next to beads. And that color palette is wild! What a hoot! Now you've got me thinking about this lampwork artist I know who makes some absolutely amazing, funky, wild mask beads... And how I need to go get one for this month's Call to Create Challenge! Love it! (Oh, and I'd love to get one of Patty's Meanie Beads, too - those are amazing!)

Lisa Godfrey said...

Looks yummy! This is such a fun and lively palette!

MaCarroll Beads said...

I LOVE those cupcakes.... and how cute that you coordinated them with the word 'cupcakes'! You're so creative :O)

Molly Alexander said...

I just love the colors in this month's challenge - so Springy! I just posted my entry on my blog here:

As always, thanks for the inspiration!

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