Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inside the Beadworks

by D'Arsie Manzella

Usually when I invite someone into my studio my heart rate goes up and I start chattering on like a wild raving metal enthusiast explaining the workings of my machinery, the mold making process and even the composition of my metal alloy.

This will happen no matter the guest's vocation or interest. I just can't contain myself. I will inevitably treat their
visit as a college course they are not sure they signed up for. My friend will nod, smile and even exclaim "Oh!" or "Wow!" no doubt thinking that they have stumbled into the wrong classroom. The one with the crazy little animated professor.

But my blog reading
friends, I will spare you the lecture, I will remain calm and try not to hop around with excitement while giving you a small peek into my beadworks.

This is my workstation.
You see my molds stacked to the right,
my sweet sisters on the left
and the pile of work before me right now!
The Count helps me keep track of inventory.

Working here on a large order for Chautauqua Institution.
These are Bell Towers and Hall of Philosophy Pendants.
I grew up in this place and am so
honored to be able to do this project.

Inventory awaiting the grinding and the tumbling.

And me, myself in my super hot safety goggles.
Hey, safety is sexy.

I hope you're having a wonderful and
productive day in your own sacred studio space!


mairedodd said...

i would happily come into your classroom! the crazy little animated professor would surely ignite in me the passion that you experience... what could be better than that?! congratulations on the commission! very well deserved ~

Patty said...

Great tour, D'Arsie! I felt like I was there. I'd like to hear more about The Count - this time of year I suspect I'm not the only one struggling with counting things.

I *know* what you mean about the crazy animated professor. I fear that I've turned into that person on more than one occasion when people visit. But your work and studio are fascinating, so I'm sure they are naturally fascinated to hear about it.

The Clay Chick said...

Love The Count! Personally, I think I'd like the long, animated lecture :)

SueBeads said...

Thanks for the peek - I would love to see your setup as well! Looks like a lot of work, dear!

Penny said...

I would like to come to class and be taught by you. Love seeing your work space and your two sisters are beautiful. You look adorable in your safety glasses.

earthlyjewels said...

Oh how fun! I love taking a look at other people's work space!

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