Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bead Society Meeting tonight...with Marcia DeCoster!

I'm so excited about tonight's Bead Society of Northern California gathering! I've been a member for over a year, but have never managed to make it to a meeting, held over 50 miles away. But tonight, superstar Marcia DeCoster is the guest and she will give a presentation on "The Road to Opulence: My Journey With Beads". I know it's going to be hugely inspiring.

I've just taken the plunge into the seed bead world myself, and suspect this is going to be a fascinating evening. Marcia just finished teaching the annual Beading by the Bay weekend workshop, a popular event I could only hope to join one day. I may have to very soon, however, since next year the 3 instructors will be Marcia, Rachel Nelson-Smith, and Sherry Serafini. Rachel is an extremely prolific and talented local bead weaver with a great book and another "in the oven", and I'm proud to call her my friend as well. We're driving to the meeting together and I'm taking my copies of Marcia's and Rachel's books to be autographed.

Anyway, I'd love to share this experience with you! I will definitely have my camera and will take lots of sparkly pictures, but let me ask you this. If there was one question you could ask of either Marcia or Rachel about beading, what would it be?


MaCarroll Beads said...

I have a question, BUT it isn't about the art itself... I'm amazed with the artists that create in this way. Would you ask her is she has any tips on what she does to keep her hands healthy? My hands actually cramp sometimes when I worked long hours glazing beads and I've got to guess that this type of art might create some of the same types of problems - (it's not easy getting old!). Love this post! Have a great time.... Can't wait to see the pictures!!

VanBeads said...

Marcia is amazing talented, and just an all-around great person. That sounds like a fab way to spend an evening! We want to see pics!

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