Thursday, February 10, 2011

Faux Sho'

When an artist looks hard enough at an item
and replicates that substance or technique
in a convincing and beautiful way of their own,
I like to say:

" That's nice. Faux Sho."

Polymer clay and porcelain are the
triumphant mediums chosen today to demonstrate
the art of mimicry.

Here are some exemplary examples of faux-bility!

Check out these beautiful brick beads
by laurelsteven on Etsy.
Would you believe they're really polymer clay?
Faux Fantastic!

I'm getting pretty hungry, I want a little cracker snack.
Better not munch these cuties!
They're actually porcelain clay made by chARiTyelise!
Faux real?

Is it wood? Tigereye?
Nope! Polymer clay again.
Karmelidesigns has infused her poymer clay mixture
with real spices to create the
stunning striations in this show-stopping pendant.

And one more beautiful impostor.
This gorgeous Black Orchid Necklace was made by
the ancient art of clois...Polymer Clay!
I almost fooled you with this one by artist Eugena777 on Etsy.
What I can't stop thinking about is the hours of
experimentation that must have gone into perfecting this technique.

This is not
an antique Victorian Love Token
as it may appear, but a new creation
from my hot little hands.
The first in a series of faux metalwork.

I have recently been inspired
by the metal working techniques
of engraving and traditional soldering.
As I have no training in these techniques, I took to the
polymer clay with which I sculpt
to create my lead free pewter castings.


Bravo and congratulations to these artists!
Your work inspires us
to look closer, notice more detail
and celebrate beauty with whatever medium
we hold closest to our heart and hands.

Tell me- which faux do
you fancy?


mary jane said...

i have to be honest, in the hands of the gifted I get fooled by polymer clay all of the time... the flexibility of the medium is mind blowing... that example with spices is extraordinary... but I love the other examples as well, the aged bricks... now pmc and your castings allow for so much as well... your token is sweet... i like how people are able make faux buttons, coins, etc from old originals... terrific post, D'arsie!

MaCarroll Beads said...

I can't think of anything right at this moment in terms of my favorite 'faux', but I sure did love reading this post.... and plan to check out the artists that you featured in more depth! Fascinating!

Barbara Lewis said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing all of these. I sometimes wonder how it is that I missed the polymer craze ...! Much of the work that is being done in the field is just amazing!

Patty said...

I love this, D'Arsie! If ever there was a medium that could tempt me away from hot glass, it would be polymer clay. I've seen some really great faux metals done with it and will one day have a play session. Great post!

VanBeads said...

I love how far polymer clay has come since the early days. When I saw some of the first polymer clay beads being made, I was completely turned off. But there are some amazing artists out there now using polymer clay in some really amazing ways. Those faux brick beads are so awesome! I might just have to have those for my own...!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am into polymer clay right now. I love that it can mimic all sorts of things. I got a copy of Lisa Pavelka's new book from the library and it was full of many wonders. I am doing something so simple with the stuff, but it blows my mind what it can be worked into!
Enjoy the day!

SallyAnderson said...

I am loving (but not doing) the polymer stuff right now. I bought & downloaded Interweave's Mixed Media: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads. Watched that yesterday and I'm so tempted. I'd love to see what Erin does and what others are doing!

Kelli said...

GREAT post!!! I'm AMAZED at what can be done with polymer clay. I ventured into it years ago to make beads for a church project..... felt and looked like I was playing with play doh!! I'm in AWE of what it can actually be in someone ELSE'S hands!! WOW!

Pretty Things said...

Those goldfish crackers really look like the real thing! I'm afraid to get into polymer clay because I've got SO many unopened books with yet undone projects in them -- but that's GOOD, because it means I can support other artists by buying their work!

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