Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creative Leisure News

by Barbara Lewis

I was visiting Jill MacKay's blog one day and she was referring to Creative Leisure News.  Even though the subscription is a little pricey ($195), there's a lot of good information to be gained from the site without being a member.  Want to play with the big boys of business ... here's where it's at. Publisher Mike Hartnett is the craft industry insider.

Jewelry predictions from Jill MacKay include leather, long strands wrapped around the wrist, multi-bangled bracelets, the use of eco-sustainable goods, fringe-y jewelry, matching accessories ... such as matching jewelry to a purse or shoes.  Here are just a few representations I found on the internet to support Jill's ideas for the future in jewelry design ...

Pearl Fringe Hoops
Gemstone wrapped bracelet by Chan Luu at Sundance

Genuine Sea Beach Glass - Beachcombed Seaglass Bracelet - Sterling Silver
Sea Glass Bracelet by West Coast Sea Glass



D'Arsie Manzella said...

Trends are so fascinating! Many talented artists have been using my large holed buttons for their leather wrap bracelets. That is the only way I am aware of how popular they are right now. I have just listed some new button designs for spring~

VanBeads said...

I'm not sure how I feel about trends in jewelry. I don't pay too much attention to them, because I want to try to give my work a classic feel - something that can be worn for many, many years. But I love the idea of seeing more jewelry with fringe. Fringe is so much fun to do in beadwork!

MaCarroll Beads said...

I'm in the middle with trends. I, myself, have gone with trends when I've been shopping for designs when we were building our house. I learned the hardway.... once you buy the "blue" ~current trend~ tub, sink and toilet.... it's very difficult to turn back! Of course, that is a little more than investing in jewelry and clothes which is why I'm always fighting with myself to be more practical... since my first reaction was, "Those are sooo cool!!!"

I think I'll continue to work to find a balance of both :O) Great post, Barbara... got me thinking!!!

mairedodd said...

so terrific! thanks for sharing that resource... and i do love sundance catalog!

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