Monday, December 6, 2010

LMAJ Monday Giveaway

by MaryAnn Carroll

It's that time!!!  You can win these awesome earrings
AND you can enter up to 4, YES I said 4 times!!

Torch-fired enamel earrings by Barbara Lewis
(sterling ear wires, rhinestone rondelles)

How?  Read carefully......I know, I know....I'm not one for directions either.....but....

Chance #1

Leave a comment answering this question:

"Are you thinking about a New Year's Resolution?  If so, what is it?"

Chance #2 

Leave a comment about this giveaway on your facebook, twitter, etc.
and leave a comment telling us that you did.

Chance #3

Create a POST specifically for this giveaway on your own blog. Come back and tell us you did.

Chance #4

I try to make the directions as clear as possible.  If you have made it this far, then you have probably read this through 'til the end.  Sometimes, however, when I make up directions, I am not as clear as I think I am.  Please leave a comment letting me know if these directions were clear and if not, what was confusing?  That will help me in the future. 

I'm not done yet :O)  ....   ... ... MORE directions  ...

Please leave a current contact for you in at least one of your comments. 
That ensures us being able to get ahold of you if you are the winner.  THANKS!!!


Alice said...

Yes, I've made a NY resolution (two actually). One is to be more organized so I'm now always running behind the eight-ball.

The other is to continually be trying new things, in both jewelry making and in my personal life.

Alice said...

I posted about this on FB.!/profile.php?id=1755927752

Alice said...

Oh yeah, the comments were clear as a bell. Thanks!!!!


moonlitfantaseas said...

I don't usually do resolutions, because they usually get broken, but this next year I plan to learn to do torch enameling, I have already ordered the supplies to get started, and I think this is a resolution I will be able to keep......

TesoriTrovati said...

I hate New Year's resolutions. A few years ago I made a two life resolutions: to live a creative life and to live without regrets. That second one is a doozy.

I do need to pick a new word or two to frame my year. 2010 was INSPIRE and UP.

But I really would like to get my paper and records in a usable system. I tried this year but failed. I am thinking that failure is no longer an option.

Enjoy the day!

Erin S said...

I agree with Erin P.H.--I also hate new year's resolutions. I believe in setting short and long-term goals for yourself throughout the year--not just at new years. Life is an ongoing process. we should be continually working towards our dreams and re-evaluating our current situations.
Erin S

Erin S said...

Instructions were totally clear!
Erin S

Prairie Emporium said...

No new year resolutions. I just never have set any, no believe in or not I just never have.
The instructions are very clear.

SueBeads said...

I don't tend to make them because I don't want to feel like a failure! You were very clear!

SueBeads said...

Face-booked it!

rosebud101 said...

Rather than make resolutions, which I never keep, I set goals. I write down each goal and how I'm going to accomplish each goal. I review my goals, periodically, and adjust as needed. (That's the old special ed teacher in me coming out.)
I'm not much of a direction follower, either, but your directions were clear.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I am thinking of my resolution and mine is to have a plan of attack for each day. I am a fly by the seat kind of girl and unfortunately that isn't working so good anymore. I have a little one (17 months old) and I need to have her on a schedule so I should get myself on one too. I get sucked into the computer and social networking and it sucks my creativity as much as it feeds it. I am going to have to schedule time for it just like I need to schedule naps.
Beautiful earrings!
Shannon C

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