Friday, December 3, 2010

Hustle and bustle of the holidays!!!

by Kelli Pope
For most people, holiday hustle and bustle means shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, caroling, holiday plays and concerts, visiting, traveling, ... etc etc etc........... For me, it means making jewelry, making jewelry, making jewelry, art shows, making jewelry, and OH! did I mention, making jewelry? :) After Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's, I headed straight out of town to my sister's house for the long weekend to "hole up" and, yes, you guessed it - make jewelry. She has this INCREDIBLE place in the country; roaring fire in the fireplace, 3 big snoring dogs laying around. Just a WONDERFUL atmosphere to be creative. No distractions, no obligations, just imagination and creativity to occupy my time. It was a very productive weekend. My last show of the year is this weekend, and I wanted to go out with a BANG!!! (THEN, I get to start the shopping, baking, wrapping...............etc.)
Here are a few of the weekend's creations..................
Hammered copper, with ceramic beads by Gaea and Mary Ann Carroll

Hammered sterling silver with ceramic beads by Mary Ann Carroll,
silver stars from Hip Chick

Hammered copper with patinated chain links from MissFickleMedia and
ceramic beads by....... yep, Mary Ann Carroll

Hammered antiqued brass and copper with patinated links and chain by MissFickleMedia, and wood fired bead hmmmmmm.. oh yeah! Mary Ann Carroll.

Hammered sterling silver, antiqued brass and copper with patinated
chain from MissFickleMedia

Hammered antiqued brass and copper with beads by, yep, her again :)
(I'm kinda partial, can ya tell?)

Hammered sterling silver, copper and antiqued brass with bird by Mamacita, and ceramic beads by Gaea and Mary Ann Carroll, ceramic pendant from Susan Burge.

These may be my FAVORITES!!!!!!!! Lovin' the rich golden yellows!! Hammered antiqued brass with Mary Ann Carroll beads, ceramic pendants from Susan Burge and patinated links from MissFickleMedia.

Hammered copper & antiqued brass with beads by Mary Ann Carroll, pendants by Patina Queen and Susan Burge.
Hopefully, I'll have something for someone on everyone's Christmas shopping list this weekend!!


Carol said...

Hi Kelli
I really your use of leather cord at the back and using the closer in your designs. The clasp in the back is such a pain sometimes.

Nice work.

Barbara Lewis said...

These are gorgeous, Kelli. Wow! What a line-up!

Alice said...

Beautiful! My last show of the year is tonight, then I'm free to begin on the holliday shopping etc.

Best of luck at your show!

MaCarroll Beads said...

Thanks for using your beautiful designs to show off my beads!!!! Your work is incredible was always :O)

Patty said...

I love them ALL, Kelli! I'm sure your show will be a huge success. Happy Holidays!

Kristi Bowman said...

Wonderful creations!!! I really like Susan Burge's work, I googled her and it comes to this blog post, where can I find her work? Thanks!!

Judy said...

Kelli you are one talented lady! I love each one of your pieces and how you incorporated the talents of so many others. said...

Your jewelry makes me want to throw off the shackles of polite society and run wild.
Each and every piece is incredible!

Kelli said...

Thanks all!!!!! I LOVE what I do!!!!!!

Kelli said...

OH!!! And Susan Burge does have an ETSY site... I believe it's SBPottery.. I think that's right. Last time I looked, she only had pots, etc on it, no pendants. I'm going to an open house at her studio this weekend. I'll find out if she plans to start listing pendants.

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