Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey, Sandra!

by MaryAnn Carroll

"Have you heard that Love My Art Jewelry is offering its first Call-to-Create?"
"I HAVE heard that, Sally...Sounds like fun!".
"I think so too!  Winners will be picked at random to win some
fab beads by Barbara Lewis!"
"...and there is even more....Each week a new designer will be in the spotlight."
"Really? I'd love to share my designs!"

"You would think it would stop there, but the monthly winner who is picked at random will also get a month on their new website with links to the winner's choice....Check it out!"

"Guess I've got to get busy, but I can't decide on what to make."

"Well Sandra, I've made it easy for you." "Since the focus is on the Pantone winter colors, I've come up with a couple of shades that I think go great together." "Perhaps, you will too."

"Here's some fiber choices from stemellinasupplies, rainydayyarnshop, tealroot and ebrown2503." 

"And then I found some lampwork beads by Suebeads, and Donna Millard along with enamel painted copper by Barbara Lewis."

"Wow, those are great, Sally!"
"And some polymer designs by humblebeads and rolyzcreations..."

"And if that's not enough, I've found some very cool earth clay beads by NKPbeads and ArtrageousClay." 

"So, there you have it, Sandra!"

Sandra is all set.  She will be designing with shades of green and purple.

Have you started you creation?  What pantone colors with you be using?

For more information, click the Call-to-Create link on the sidebar.


Mª Reyes said...

Es todo realmente fantástico, me encanta. Besos

FiberBeads said...

Ahhh...a contest and a great beading resource all at the same time. I went out to tweet about this one! Thank for highlighting fiber beads in your article! Ebrown2503

Alice said...

Wow, Sally really knows how to find some awesome inspiration beads!!!!! So do we need to use all the colors in the list or take our pick?

I'm excited!!!!

Rolyz Creations said...

Thank you for featuring my beads :)

MaCarroll Beads said...

My pleasure~Love those!! :O)

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