MaryAnn Carroll

Artist Statement: MaryAnn has been creating jewelry since 2006. Her jewelry making eventually led to creating beads made from porcelain and stoneware.  MaryAnn also has the unique experience of firing wood fired beads three to four times a year. Why is that unique?  Well, because there are limited woodfire kilns in the US and she happens to have her artist husband who built one on their land, she is able to create one of a kind wood-fired beads that are pretty difficult to come by. To learn more about the process of wood-firing, check out her husband Bill's website

Her love for ceramic beads led to a complimentary love for enamel beads. Creating both styles of beads and using them in her jewelry keeps her work interesting and current. Check out Mary Ann's shop to see what is currently available.

While not creating, MaryAnn spends her days teaching in a rural school district where she has been for 25 years of her 30 total years as a special education teacher. She also has three adult children who she is proud of raising. Those children brought five wonderful grandchildren that she gets to spend lots of time with.

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