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Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Heart Songs

I have loved the rich, rich posts that have been coming from our blog lately, haven't you?

When I started my online adventure with making jewelry around 8 years ago, most of the creative jewelry bloggers were writing about, and photographing, their learning process regarding the practical aspects of making jewelry.

How to make a jump to use the crimping tool to finish off a necklace or how to clean shot when it gets gunky type of posts were so beneficial to me as a beginning working artist. I have watched mixed media artists, jewelry name the method of expression, literally bloom online as they have explored their creativity in public.

Something really interesting has happened to many of us as a result of using the Internet as our preferred way of cataloging the various journeys into ourselves and what we are learning about the process of having an idea, letting it come through our hearts and out into the world via our hands.

It is becoming much more important to catalog the feelings and realizations about ourselves that working with our hands has allowed us to discover. We are growing. And that is good.

My own journey is most likely very similar to yours...

  • I saw some jewelry that I loved
  • felt an internal tug to make some for myself,
  • found a resource either online or in a book to begin learning the technical skills required to execute the design ideas
  • and then my internal world was shaken to its core when I realized for the first time that if I really, really want to do something outside of the beliefs that I've held about myself and my capabilities that it was possible to change via concentration and a strong desire to do so.
  •  my life changed for the better in all areas...I experienced fulfillment in a way that has been singular and it only comes from having an idea and executing the steps required to see it realized
Our hearts act as our own way-station towards actualizing what is in our heads that wants to be born via our hands and I've had a lot of experience with the heart over the last few years while dealing with the health issues of a loved one. 

I think the most important thing the heart does, past it's obvious function of pumping your blood, is helping you determine what is important to YOU.  As we each carve out precious time away from our responsibilities to the OTHERS in our lives, we have all come to realize either in a small or very big way that by diving into making something with our hands that we are deciding, and acting upon, what is important to us, NO MATTER IF ITS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT ANYBODY ELSE WANTS TO DO. 

We are each exploring what makes us who we are. We are all becoming more self-actualized via this journey into our hearts. Into what we want to be, to do and in a way that is honest

Our blog is about sharing all parts of the handmade journey with anyone that cares to step on their own path towards personal fulfillment via jewelry if this is what rings your heart bell. I know for me, sharing what I know about my own process, techniques, and design ideas, without any attachment to whether or not it is received or not, is another step up my spiral ladder of spiritual growth that has been possible via creative expression. 

Our hearts compel us to live our lives...not someone else's idea of what that life should look like. Looking to our heart's wisdom, listening to our heart-song is the most important part of our creative journey. 

Blessings to you all... 


  1. Wonderful post! And I so relate to many parts of it~~
    So in love with your heart pendant. So very cool~

  2. Beautiful. I have really enjoyed the posts on here as well as other blogs, where the artist shares their emotions and realizations as they work and grow. They go hand and hand. An artist doesn't just make things, they pour themselves into objects to be sent into the world!!!!!!

  3. Great post Stacie. I have learned so much not just about jewelry but about myself in this journey.

  4. You expressed wonderfully what I have felt about my public journey of making and sharing, something that doesn't come as easily for me on my blog. Crafting words about my feelings is a little more difficult but blogging is some of the only writing I do at all so it's a step anyway.

  5. Well said, Stacie! I could not agree more!

  6. I also have learned to follow my heart over the years. Sometimes, in some instances, that has even meant moving away from creating beads and jewelry for a time. There are times in life when things happen out of your control that bring you to a completely different place. That happened to me 2 1/2 years ago. I was completed blindsided by an incident that turned my life upside down. Recently, I have found that I have made my way back without even realizing it was happening. I have just learned to go where life takes me and to make the most of it :o)

  7. Art is one of the most visual, visceral forms of expression. I'm thrilled to be part of a community that shares these intimate glimpses into our hearts and minds. We literally do wear our hearts on our sleeves, and fingers, and ears, and necks!!

  8. Very moving Stacie. As others have said, it's like you expressed what I was feeling. I have also been journaling my creative journey over the years. Although not as eloquently as some. I don't consider myself a writer... but still have the need to share and put what I am making and what is in my heart - at some given times, out there. Thank you for sharing your words and creative journey! Always love reading the posts here at LMAJ. ~ Cindy :-)

  9. I love to read your posts Stacie, they always seem to touch on things I'm thinking of or am experiencing and your words are always so spot on. Thanks for that. And also for sharing all your beautiful creations, they are so inspiring!