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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wool Over My Eyes!

About a year ago I was asked to work part time at the Sarafina Art House.
I had taken a few "in home" kitchen table classes with Sara Renzulli before the Art House opened, and after attending the 2014 Open House, then a workshop, she asked if I wanted to join their small group to help with orders, stock, and to learn more about working with wool.

Sara teaching me how to dye locks and fibers.

I have always been drawn to fibers - especially wool.
And to be able to work and learn in a place that is so positive and creative - it can only affect your direction of creativity.

 Sara has many tutorials on sculpting with wool over armatures which makes for great practice and getting to know the materials and push the limits...

 I used to want to be a Marine Biologist when I was younger, but I get motion sick standing up too fast. And so now I am choosing to go back to what calls to me (this is just trying out some forms).

I am really getting to understand more about sheep, goats, and other animals that we use their fur (wool, hair, etc) and the processes that it has to undergo in order for it to be usable in crafts such as needle felting, wet felting, spinning, sculpting, and at some point - wearable art.

These two guys above remind me of the dwarfs from the Hobbit and LOTR movies and are the first figurative creations I made in the style of "forrest folk" (Lee Charlton and Sara Renzulli video).
I may just have to make myself a little gathering of dwarfs for my studio to keep me company!!!

And I am trying to keep a bit up on getting to the gym and spend time with my family.
So my time in the clay studio has been put at the back burner - not completely, but it is definitely relatable to binging on Netflix then not for a while... 

I have a craft show this weekend and I have lots of earrings, my bracelet kits, and needle felting ornaments to take with me.

After that - I will hopefully get around to updating my Etsy shop with new items.
And you know - a lot of them will be wool!


  1. Those figurines are most awesome though, I am probably one of the few people on this planet who has NOT seen any of those movies! :) Creativity has no bounds - it shows up everywhere in our daily lives, even with mundane tasks. You just seem to have an abundance of it - everything you touch is gold! Best of luck at your craft show!

  2. this is a beautiful post. finding balance is difficult, but so very much worth it. and children grow in the blink of an eye. I love the wool/felting work. Would love to learn more. Good luck at the show!

  3. Just loved this post! I had never heard of this place nor seen any of the creations. I spent HOURS on the internet last night watching videos, visiting the shop and yearning for quick cash to buy innumerable "kits" and supplies! This looks SO very interesting and also relaxing. The creatures are wonderful and the video tutorials so complete and fun. I also found some wonderful little owls that would be such fun to make!